Different cat breeds

Tiffanie Cat

The Tiffanie is the longhaired version of the Burmilla which itself initially was the result of a chance mating between Chinchilla and Burmese stock. Tiffanies are an endearing blend of the two original breeds.

The Semi-Longhaired variety first made an appearance in the mid-1980s as a consequence of the experimental breeding programme for the Burmilla in the UK. Since the Burmilla carries a recessive long haired gene from the Chinchilla Persian ancestry some of the resulting kittens from time to time were semi-longhaired with silky medium length coats.

Colorpoint Shorthair Cat

Colorpoint Shorthairs are the first cousins of the Siamese.

This breed is distinguished by its elegance in sixteen different „point“ colors beyond the four Siamese colors. Half-siblings to the Siamese by virtue of their foundation and continuing breeding with the Siamese the Colorpoint Shorthair is a hybrid breed of the Siamese. Colorpoints circa 1947-48 are a far cry from their angular leggy descendants of today.

Today’s Colorpoints are the same structural standard of the Siamese with the only difference being their unique point colors.

Munchkin Cat

Munchkin Breed

Although Munchkins have only recently been accepted as a breed (in TICA but not in CFA) they have been around for decades. Munchkins can most appropriately be described as „regular cats“ with short legs. Like the Sphynx cats they foster a „love or hate“ reaction at first glance but are gaining appeal with time.

Selkirk Rex Cat

The first Selkirk Rex cats arrived in Britain on the 7th & 8th of February 2002. They were three siblings bred in Austria at the home of Christiana and Karl Aichner. There were four kittens in the litter with three curly kittens & one variant the three curly kittens made their way to the UK.

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