Exotic Cat


At holiday time it may be possible to arrange for a friend neighbour or relative to visit your house two or three times a day to tend to your cat. Provided such regular attention is guaranteed this is acceptable since cats prefer to remain in their own home. It is not a good idea to move the cat to someone else’s home from which it may immediately try to escape.

The alternative is to place your cat at a good boarding cattery. In choosing a boarding cattery make sure you visit the establishment first and check that the following criteria are met:

Staffing: enough to ensure personalised attention for your cat;
Security: adequate precautions against the possibility of escape;
Hygiene: evidence of cleanliness and no smell;
Accommodation: dry clean and sheltered with heating provided for cooler months;
Exercise: facilities which allow for some exercise preferably with climbing capacity and caged outside access.
A good boarding establishment will always ensure cats have correct vaccinations.


Signs of Health

A healthy cat should display the following signs of heath:

Demeanour: watchful – even at rest; quickly responsive to sounds; quiet and contented.
Movement: free movement and agile; no lameness;
Appetite: good; no vomiting;
Breathing: even and quiet with no coughing;
Coat: clean well groomed and glossy; free from parasites and dirt;
Ears: pricked to catch sound; no discharge or irritation;
Eyes: clear; no discharge or inflammation.
Cats and kittens can become ill quite rapidly. This is usually characterised by lethargy and a failure to eat or drink. If your cat appears unwell for any reason consult your veterinarian immediately.

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