Japanese Bobtail Cat

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When you look at a Japanese bobtail you should see a medium or small sized cat with a slender athletic body. It has rather tall elegant (but never thin-boned) legs and the hind legs are longer than the front legs the back legs are carried at an angel but the back will still be slightly higher at the rear than at the shoulders.


A bobtail has a longish face with clearly marked eyes that are set at an angle giving the cat quite a Japanese look. The face should form an almost equilateral triangle. The ears should be set wide apart some almost look as if they tilt slightly forward giving the cat an alert expression.


A Japanese bobtail has always got a tail albeit a short one the tail is composed of kinks and bends and should be no longer than 10-13 cm long were it to be stretched out. NB a bobtail-tail must never be pulled out as some of the bone may be fused together it may cause the cat discomfort instead using gentle fingers follow the bone around to discover the structure. Typically a bobtail would extend 5-8 cm from the body. A bobtail s tail is as individual as a persons fingerprint no two are the same. The tail usually has a bunny like look to it; it s called a pom (as in pom-pom).


The bobtail has a very soft silk-like coat without any under-wool. There is a longhaired variety that is not yet Fife approved so may not be shown in the UK.

COLOURS: A Japanese bobtail may have any colour apart from silver ticked tabby and colour pointed. The most popular is the black tortie and white (Mi-Ke see the history of the bobtail.) and the colours that can produce Mi-Ke.

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